Tamaki Rice Corporation is a Japanese owned and operated company that has combined its traditional farming principles with the most modern milling technology and has set the highest standards to produce rice of consistent quality and superior taste. We have been providing our loyal customers with Tamaki Rice for over 20 years.

We built a small, sophisticated rice mill in Northern California's Sacramento Valley, where the water, soil, and climate are ideal for rice cultivation. To guarantee that the very best rice is delivered to you, we maintain control over every phase of rice production from growing to packaging. The rice fields that produce Tamaki Rice are inspected from pre-planning through harvest and are produced on the same land using the same cultivation methods year after year. Our millers carefully select and refine Tamaki Rice using state-of-the art equipment and the most advanced milling techniques.

The ownership and the employees of the company have succeeded in producing the finest Japanese short-grain rice in the world. We remain committed to our philosophy in producing Tamaki Rice and we will continue to present Tamaki as the signature of quality.