How should I store my Tamaki Rice?
Tamaki Rice should be stored in a cool, dark location preferably
off of the floor. It is important that your bag of rice is sealed or
stored in a sealed container to keep air and foreign odors out.
If you are storing brown rice, you should keep it in the refrigerator
or freezer, because the oils in the bran can go rancid quickly.

What rice is best for Sushi?
When making sushi rice you should always use a Japanese
short-grain variety. There are several Japanese varieties, but
Koshihikari is the most distinguished variety. The Koshihikari
that we use for our Tamaki Gold has the perfect stickiness and
maintains its firmness and flavor over periods of time. You will
also enjoy the sweet aroma of Tamaki Gold. Tamaki Gold is
used by the finest sushi chefs in the world; so the next time you
are looking to make some sushi, be sure to use Tamaki Gold.